Hemp Building

Hemp Building

Hemp is an excellent source for the production of textile and paper. People have been using hemp to make textile for some 5000 years worldwide. The hemp plant grows to heights of 5 to 8 meters (15-20 foot) and the fiber, when stripped from the plant, is as long as the plant itself, giving hemp added strength when woven into textile.The fibers are long and very strong, making the most beautiful fabric and paper. Many of the world's most famous historical works are written on Hemp paper. The first bible was printed on Hemp paper and has lasted over 1300 years without the paper turning yellow as it does with current paper from wood pulp

Hemp Brick

The building material also is self-insulating; resistant to rotting, rodents and insects; and fire proof, waterproof and weather resistant

Hemp Paint

The chemists of ancient Egypt or China no doubt refined the process of making varnish and colored paints