Frozen Fruit

Frozen Fruit

In 1998, the Food & Drug Administration (FDA) confirmed that frozen fruits and vegetables provide the same essential nutrients and health benefits as fresh. It's no wonder. Frozen fruits and vegetables are nothing more than fresh fruits and vegetables that have been blanched (cooked for a short time in boiling water or steamed) and frozen within hours of being picked. Further, frozen fruits and vegetables are processed at their peak in terms of freshness and nutrition.What's not to like?

Black Raspberries Frozen

Individually Quick Frozen Black Raspberries are prepared from sound, ripe fruit, freshly harvested.

Blueberries Frozen

The berries are USDA Grade A or US Fancy, and are dark blue-purple.

Cavendish Bananas Frozen

Frozen wholes, cubes and slices of fresh banana, which are ripened to full flavor, peeled, cut and individually quick frozen (IQF)


Mango Frozen

Egg-shaped mangos range in color from green to yellow to red. Packed with antioxidant vitamins A and C, potassium and fiber, mangoes are easy to enjoy.

Red Papya Chunks Frozen

Deliciously sweet with musky undertones and a soft, butter-like consistency, it is no wonder the papaya was reputably called the "fruit of the angels" by Christopher Columbus. Once considered quite exotic, they can now be found in markets throughout the year. Although there is a slight seasonal peak in early summer and fall, papaya trees produce fruit year round.

Strawberries Frozen

The product is prepared from sound, fresh, properly ripened, stemmed, washed and sorted strawberries.