About US


OrganicaWorld™ is the world leader of organic greenhouse technology and growing for a variety of foods, nutraceuticals, and cosmeceuticals. Our expert personnel, including Doctors, Technicians, Scientists, and World Renowned Research Experts combined with the technology of our greenhouses, laboratories, and state of the art facilities gives us an incomparable advantage. We are the only one stop source for research, development, growing, processing, and packaging. We are reinventing the way organic food is grown and distributed.


What We Do


OrganicaWorld™ specializes in a unique type of farming that allows the food to be healthier and tastier than other organic companies. We grow a vast array of edible organic plants. Large quantities are not an issue. Our unique growing systems allow us to grow about 77,000 heads of lettuce per week in a single one million square foot greeenhouse facility. New greenhouse facilities are being built each month. We grow several hundred different species of plants to give an assortment to satisfy anyone’s palate. OrganicaWorld™ uses the most innovative technological advancements for growing, while never ignoring the traditional benefits of nutritious and organic produce. The combinations of technologies in use allow our produce to grow in a stress free environment where all of the beneficial nutrients and flavor end up in our final product. We grow everything to the strictest organic requirements.


Fresh Grown Organic Produce, Nutraceuticals, and Cosmeceuticals


Our produce is beyond organic. We start with high quality organic seed that returns hearty and productive plants. Our plants are grown in closed greenhouses where quality produce is our priority. We control every aspect of our hydroponic growing environment to cater to each plant’s specific needs. We provide our plants with vital micronutrients that optimize the health of the plants. We do not compromise our food with harsh chemicals. We believe that healthy plants growing in a clean environment will yield the best and healthiest produce available.able.